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FOUR Steps to Choosing Eyeglasses that Enhance your Appearance

Frame color and shape have influence on your overall appearance. Find styles that complement or contrast your face shape, hair color, eye color, and skin tone to look your best and create the style you’re after. This quick guide will help you find styles that complement your face shape, hair color, and skin tone to look your best.

  1. Identify your face shape.

Round Face

  • Width and length are the same proportions and no major angles.
  • Goal is to make the face appear longer and thinner with these best fits:
    • Angular, narrow frames that will lengthen the face
    • High or mid-height temples which help create a longer profile
    • A clear bridge that widens the eyes
    • Colored temples to add width
    • Wider frames than they are deep
  • Example: octagonal shape.


Square Face

  • Strong jaw line, broad forehead, face width and length are same proportions.
  • Goal is to make the face look longer and soften the angles with these best fits:
    • Curved narrow style glasses that soften facial angles
    • Wider than the widest part of the face
    • More width than depth
  • Example: narrow oval glasses are an excellent choice.


Oval Face

  • Balanced proportions. Not too curvy and not too angular.
  • Goal is to keep the oval’s natural balance with these best fits:
    • As wide as or wider than the broadest part of the face.
    • Not too deep nor too narrow so that they do not upset facial balance.
  • Example: almond or walnut-shaped frames.

Oblong Face

  • Longer than it is wide and characterized by a long, straight cheek line and sometimes a longer nose.
  • Goal is to make the face appear shorter and more balanced with these best fits:
    • Top-to-bottom depth almost equal to side-to-side width.
    • Decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face
    • Low bridge to shorten the nose.
  • Example: Round or nearly round P-3 shape frames.


Diamond Face Shape

  • Narrow at the eye-line and the jawline – cheekbones are frequently high and dramatic. The diamond is
  • Goal is to highlight the eyes and bring out the cheekbones with this best fit:
    • Detailed or distinctive brow-lines.
  • Example: Rimless frames, ovals or cat-eyes are all excellent choices.


Triangle Face Shape

  • Very wide top third and small bottom third.
  • Goal is to minimize the width of the top half of the face.
    • Wider at the bottom half of the frame.
    • Light colors.
  • Example: Aviator and rimless styles are an excellent choice.
  1. Choose a Frame Color that accentuates your eye color.

You want to draw attention to your eyes and frames without taking it away from your eyes.

Grey Eyes

  • Bright and colorful frames. The neutral tone of the grey will be highlighted by the eye-catching colors of your frame drawing more attention to your eyes and the glasses themselves.

Brown/Amber Eyes

  • No wrong choices
  • Darker Black or Havana frames blend into brown eyes.
  • Bright colorful frames contrast well with darker brown and amber tones
  • Light green or blue frames provide excellent contrast

Blue Eyes

  • Tortoise and Brown provide natural tones provide an understated look.
  • Bold orange frames provide contrast and bring out the blue color.
  • Deeper bright blue frame can highlight light blue eyes.

Green Eyes

  • Red and green complementary colors give a striking contrast.
  • Bold colors such as red, purple or gold frames draw attention for eye-catching looks.
  • Subtle brown or Havana frames bring out the green color of your eyes.


  1. Choosing Glasses Colors That Compliment or Contrast Your Hair – Quick Guide

Hair color and frame color can influence your style by complementing or contrasting your look. Complementary colors often bring out highlights and provide a neutral, sophisticated look. Contrasting colors show off an adventurous and striking style.

Hair Color

Complementary Colors

Contrasting Colors





Darker Browns and Blacks

Bright and Colorful


Warm tones – Beige/Light Havana



Dark deep colors

Jewel tones – Sapphire/Emerald


Dark for sophisticated

Bright and Colorful


  1. Choosing Frames to Compliment Skin Tone

Warm Skin Tones

Skin with undertones of peach and gold. Choose a frame of similar color – Gold, Beige, Light Havana or Light Tortoise will blend well and compliment your skins natural color.

Cool Skin Tones

Skin with undertones of pink and bluish hues. Choose a frame with soft neutral colors such as Blue, Silver or Grey that will complement your skin tone.

Neutral Skin Tones

Skin tones with a blend of cool pink and warm gold undertones. The combination of warm and cool tones pair well with any color. Darker frames such as black show an everyday practical sharp look. Browns and Tortoises present a simple uncomplicated vision. And Bright Colors may give a bold and whimsical pioneering style.

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