Our Mission

To truly partner with our customers and provide the tools to make their independent practices more profitable

“When we show our true interest in our account’s success and give them the tools to increase profits and not just board space, we become partners, not just another frame supplier."

Our Vision

To bring the tools for success to every ECP in the nation

“We know the ECP is our bedrock; and our DNA, our foundational philosophy, has always been to acknowledge where we stand, what keeps us afloat. Everyday we remember our roots. We are fiercely independent and support our customer’s independence. I’ve always kept my eyes open for opportunities that challenge the status quo and find new ways to grow our companies and each other. Their performance is our success.”

Core Values

Windsor Eye’s DNA has been passed down and adopted throughout the company for over half a century.

“I was 6 years old when my father Jay Kitnick started Windsor Optical. I experienced the roots. I was part of the roots. Some of the small independent manufacturing families are still producing today. At trade shows, I bump into optician’s who knew my father and praise him for being one of those trusted people that was involved and that supported their practices when they were just starting out. Many recognize me as one of the Windsor kids. We at Windsor, myself, my brother, our partners, our staff share Jay’s values. We are all in it together.”