We Are Motivated to Make Your Business Successful

“When we show our true interest in our account’s success and give them the tools to increase profits and not just board space, we become partners, not just another frame supplier.”

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s been our goal from the early days when we used family as eyewear models and printed and provided our own counter cards and posters to spruce up ECP offices. When our founder, Jay Kitnick, instituted a Board Management and Consignment program to lower your up-front costs and free up your time so you could concentrate on your practice and spend more time with patients. When we sourced a more affordable line of eyeglass cases that you could give to your patients at no charge without losing margin. When we provided displays at no cost. When we individualized our return and warranty policy to fit your needs. When we kept and continue to keep shipping costs at a minimum and were considered the dinosaur of the industry for not making profit off our shipments to your practice.

And that goal continues with our latest program – WindsorRx (WRX). We have partnered with a lab to create ultra-high definition, digitally contoured, multi-aspheric lenses for Rx ophthalmic and sunglass prescriptions. The lens quality rivals the best lab you’ve ever used, and the price beats every lab you’ve ever used. All lenses come complete with AR, UV, Anti-Static, and Scratch-Resistant coatings as well as embedded blue light filtering. And they are available on many of Windsor’s best-selling frames and lines.

Your continued success is our success and Windsor Eyes, Inc. has the key.

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