We Have Vision

It wasn’t luck that has kept Windsor’s doors open for over 50 years. Nor was there one thing that resulted in Windsor’s long-standing amongst an ever-changing industry. Overall, Windsor has vision.

In the early days we offered men’s frames in the larger eye sizes 58-64 when no one else carried that in their sample bags. We knew the ECP’s are always looking for ways to keep their name in front of patients as a reminder to come back and get your eyes checked and so we offered our customers printed slip-in and button closure eyeglass cases so every patient had their ECP’s name and phone number when they walked out of the store. When contact lenses began to rain on the eyewear parade, our team adapted to a new philosophy, eyewear as jewelry for the face. We turned on our fashion sense and the Windsor version of eyewear as an accessory was born. You can’t be “seen” in contacts. And when most suppliers were scrambling for expensive licensed names to prove their quality, Windsor saw an in by providing true quality frames in everyday wearable designs and opted for a more affordable price point that the ECP’s could sell all day long.

Today, we’ve introduced WindsorRx. A frame and lens program that gives the ECP the tools to increase their margins and grow their bottom line. The program provides ultra-high definition digitally contoured prescription lenses for both ophthalmic and sunglass. You enter the prescription, you track the progress, you never remove a Windsor frame from your board, and you get one invoice for both the frame and the lens. AR, UV, Blue Light Filter, Scratch-Resistance, and Anti-Static coatings are included on every lens.

Stay tuned for more visionary steps from your eyeglass supplier.

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