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Sustainable Style.

We believe high fashion should not come at the expense of our environment. Through our “Reshape” philosophy, we are passionately devoted to redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability through eyewear. We create our recycled eyewear from 99% recyclable materials like plastic and aluminum. By doing so, we hope to play a significant role in solving the low recycling rates that exist in the world.


Cleaning Eyeglasses

Cleaning Eyeglass LensesCleaning eyeglasses lenses properly takes time and patience. The best way to scratch your eyeglasses lenses is with improper cleaning. For example, the people that have chronically scratched lenses are the ones that clean their lenses the worst. Here is the best way to clean your lenses: Warm

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We Have Vision

It wasn’t luck that has kept Windsor’s doors open for over 50 years. Nor was there one thing that resulted in Windsor’s long-standing amongst an ever-changing industry. Overall, Windsor has vision. In the early days we offered men’s frames in the larger eye sizes 58-64 when no one else carried

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Online Appointment Calendars

For most small businesses, adopting an online appointment calendar is not difficult and can offer significant benefits. A website appointment calendar is a digital tool that allows individuals or businesses to manage and schedule appointments over the internet, typically through the practice’s website. These calendars are accessible via a web

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Windsor Eyes Provides Great Customer Service!

Norman is very personable and easy to work with! Thank you for always focusing on customer service.


Jodie Wilson
Administrative Assistant at Hersey EyeCare Palmyra ME

Our customers love the Eyecroxx collection…It practically sells itself! Eyecroxx frames are always surprising us with unique and innovative designs including the polarized clip. We also love Versace 19.69 and Pier Martino! Our Windsor Eyes Rep, Bernie is super helpful and comes through for his customers all the time, truly exceptional. Thank you for continuing to create great products and for focusing on good customer service.


Isaac Manakhimov

You guys did it again ! I got my 3 piece mount glasses back today and they are as impressive as my sunglasses. The A/R coating is wonderful, the edges are nicely polished, and the blue blocker performs way better than I had expected. I am absolutely in awe of the quality of both jobs.


Claudia House
O.D. Moon Township, PA